Boogie reveals Isaiah Rashad collab, talks another Shady Records album, relationship w/ Eminem & more

Remy Gelenidze

Boogie has recently set down with HotNewHipHop to talk about his upcoming album, Eminem, record with Isaiah Rashad and more.

About his upcoming album on Shady Records.

Anybody who knows me, knows how much I overthink my projects. I always wanna make sure I improve from the last project ‘cause I feel that is what is keeping me alive as an artist. I keep getting better. I feel like my last project was so good, I kind of got to this point where I was like nothing is good enough and now I am finally free. My thoughts just finally more free, and I just feel that is how my life and my music work, it depends on where I am at and that is where I make the best music.

On how his life changed after signing to Eminem.

What changed is it is a lot of Eminem fans. They are probably one of the toughest fan bases in the world. If I am not rapping fast sometimes, they get mad but then if I start rapping fast I disappoint my other fans [Laughs]. I am trying to have a balance with my fans and all these new fans and make everybody happy. I put a lot of pride into my lyrics and my lisp is too big. I got a lisp, to be rapping all fast and s**t, it will start sounding like I am spitting.

About his relationship with Eminem.

When we talk it is regular, he is like a regular person. But when he calls, somebody else calls first and then they will be like ‘Marshall’s on the phone,’ and I feel like I am about to talk to my teacher or something. I was in Detroit with him for couple of times. When I first signed to him he flew me out.

About if Eminem is involved in his album or not.

What makes it great about him is he just lets me grow as an artist and let me do what I got have to do. If I need something from him I can always reach out. As far as my work I do not really want other people influencing my ideas, I wanna get my own thoughts off, I do not really involve too many people honestly.

About songs with TDE artists.

“Is there something with Kendrick or ScHoolboy Q? No, I wish. I would have been exposed that. No Kendrick record right now, just the Reason and SIR record. Me and Isaiah Rashad are actually work on something soon.”

For the full interview, hit HNHH here.

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