IT’S OFFICIAL: Eminem was #1 best pure selling male artist in US in the past decade

Remy Gelenidze

Eminem finished the decade (2010-2019) with being #1 best selling male artist in the United States when it comes to traditional album sales. You can check the Top 7 below with official numbers of total album sales (only pure album sales). 

1. Eminem – 13.9 million; 

2. Justin Bieber – 12.1 million;

3. Drake – 10.5 million; 

4. The Beatles – 10.3 million;

5. Luke Bryan – 9.6 million;

6. Michael Buble – 9.4 million;

7. Elvis Presley – 9.3 million.

For the record, Eminem was the best selling artist of the previous decade (2000-2009). 

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