Abu Dhabi News: Eminem asked if he considers himself a GOAT

Remy Gelenidze

Tomorrow Eminem is performing in Abu Dhabi at du Arena and after Flash Entertainment’s statement, people are expecting little surprises at the concert.

Before Eminem hits the stage, he set down with Time Out Abu Dhabi for an exclusive interview which you can read fully below:

Can we expected surprises at the show?

“Back in 2012, it was a great audience. I had never been to Abu Dhabi before and didn’t know what to expect. The energy was incredible, and it made the show a highlight for me. My fans know that I’m big on the element of surprise. So you’ll have to come and find out.”

Are you the same in real life as in your music? 

“Obviously I’m a different person at home than I am on stage, anyone who listens to my lyrics knows that I think. But do I feel like I’m a split personality? No, I feel like I’m me. Like any other artist sometimes I’m telling stories in my music, creating characters and situations that aren’t necessarily real, hopefully everyone realizes that by now. I don’t like to call what I do a ‘job’ though because I’ve had jobs that sucked, but I think everyone can relate to the fact that they act differently when they’re working than how they do at home, especially entertainers.”

Why did you release Kamikaze one year after Revival? You don’t usually do that. 

“After Revival I had a lot to address. A lot to get off my chest. When I’m in that zone where I’m responding to a current state of affairs like that, I don’t waste any time putting the music out.”

Do you consider yourself a GOAT? 

“I don’t know if anyone is actually the greatest overall. I think different people are great at different things. There are parts of what I do that I think I’m better than others at but then there are things that other rappers do that I think they are great at, so it’s not something I really think about myself. But I’m really honored to even be thought of as being close to the same level as other rappers who I think are truly great.”

What’s your advice to new comers ? 

“Don’t pay attention to any of the people in your ear telling you how hard it is to make it, or that you don’t stand a real chance. If you have the drive, you can’t let things stand in your way, especially your haters.”

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