Eminem asks Elton John a question for Irish Times Magazine

Remy Gelenidze

Elton John has recently done an interview with Irish Times magazine. He is answering questions submitted by his celebrity fans, some of whom are also personal friends. He is delighted that one is from Bob Dylan and is unfazed by the tone-lowering line of inquiry pursued by Eminem. No subject seems off-limits.

Eminem: Have you used your wedding gift yet?

Elton John: Ah, no. Eminem bought me and David matching cock rings when we got married. That was his gift. They sit there, like the crown jewels, in this beautiful box on satin cushions. They’re wonderful to look at. I don’t know if any guests we’ve had have used them. God, I hope not. They’re kind of sacrosanct.

The fact they came from Eminem makes it even better. It’s very him, as is this question. I call him up every couple of months, and every time he picks up the phone he says the same thing: “Hello, you old c**t, how are you?” Justin Timberlake says the same thing, actually.

Donatella Versace: You saved my life. How many other lives have you saved?
Elton John: I have absolutely no idea. Donatella’s talking about addiction here. I am responsible for helping a lot of people get sober and hopefully to stay sober. That’s your responsibility, and it’s part of the process. You give them your phone number, you take theirs, you make sure you phone them, check up on them, see they’re OK – that’s what I did with Eminem.

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