Eminem praises Redman’s new song “Black Man In America”

Remy Gelenidze

Redman has recently set down with The Source magazine to promote his new single “Black Man In America.” The interviewer asked the legendary rapper how did he come up with that concept of the song, on which Redman replied: 

““Black Man In America” was produced by Rick Rock, he is a legend. We have worked on a lot of records in the early 2000s. When I make songs, I make sure they are timeless.”

“I have songs that have been sitting for over 15 years that could come out today and still slam. “Black Man In America” was created 3 or 4 years ago. I want to be behind the camera. I want to write scripts and direct. I am just getting my feet wet. So when it came to the visual and the content of the song, it was me giving my perspective.”

“Everyone knows what Red and Method Man talk about. We rarely get political with subjects. We help people by talking to them directly. We have never been this political on a record like how I am on “Black Man In America.” However, as I get older, I am realizing that I have a responsibility as an artist to tap into some of the unjust that is going on today.”

“I feel as though this record and visual were my responsibility. Honestly, I did not know that it would get this much attention. When I shot and directed the video I said to myself, this is dope, I did a great job. It was like wow, I made a cinematic video. These are ideas that I have been sitting on and wanting to get out there and it happened. I never thought that when it hit social media I would get this type of feedback.”

“I am getting calls from everywhere about this record. Even Eminem hit me up and said, “the s**t is banging. Even the vocals sound like the new you but the old you as well.” I did not know that it would have this much impact. I am not even going to lie.” 

Check the full interview here and watch “Black Man In America” below:



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