New Interview: Akon shares hilarious story about Eminem’s work ethic in the studio

Remy Gelenidze

Legendary artist that he is, Akon has experienced no shortage of crazy behind-the-scenes tales, and he happened to share a few with the folks over at Hot 97. “He was the first artist I worked with who treated the business like a real job,” explains Akon, reflecting on Em’s studio regiment during their time recording “Smack That.”

“That song has interesting story behind. Working with him made me look at the business differently cause he was the first artist that I’ve worked with that actually treated the business  like a real job.” 

“He comes in at 9 A.M every day to the studio, takes his lunch break at 1 A.M, and is out of there by 5 PM. It’s like a schedule. I did not expect that from him. The first day I come, I come around 6 A.M.. Like we going to do an evening session. I get to the studio, they said ‘Em just left!’ He said ‘I am out of here!’ I said ‘I just got to the studio, you coming back here?’ He said, ‘yeah, I’ll be back there at 9 AM.”

“I was like, you joking right? but he was like I’ll see you at 9A.M. so I get there on 9 and he shows up exactly on time. Plays some beats, we vibing, Em’s like, ‘yo I am about to go out for lunch.’ I said I will meet you after…He goes takes his lunch, after an hour comes back. I play him the record, play him the chorus. He is like oh, this is it!”

“He goes into his verse. 5 PM comes. He’s halfway in. He’s like ‘alright bro, I’ll see you tomorrow. At this point, I’m like ‘Yo, this is crazy right!  but then Em said ‘I just like to be here. I treat it like real job. I don’t make it no more than what it’s supposed to be. I don’t let it stress me out, stay longer than I have to. I got a family, I got a daughter. I want to make time.”

“I was like ‘damn, he is right. Some days I am in the studio three, four days. I do not come out. Don’t see my kids, don’t call my wife, none of that. I am sitting here like, [Em’s way] makes a lot of sense. Ain’t nothing gon’ change between today and tomorrow.” 

“I met him next day and told him ‘you know what bro, you just gave me whole new outlook on how to treat the business. I don’t force it like I used to.”

Watch the full interview below:

Image via HipHopNMore.

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