Janice Dickinson responds Eminem’s reference on “Rainy Days”

Remy Gelenidze

Bill Cosby rape survivor Janice Dickinson responds to Eminem after learning that “Rainy Days” song by Boogie includes explicit lyrics referencing sticking a ‘d**k’ in her. Janice Dickinson says:

“It’s not nice to be dropped in the song in that context but it is phenomenal to be associated with Eminem in any way possible. I think it is referring to recent Bill Cosby trial. I was offended when I heard the lyrics because I have children, I have four grandchildren and I was like ‘o my god, what my grandkids will think of me being in an Eminem song.”

“My husband was little bit pissed. He was like ‘oh I’m gonna punch him in the face when I see him like in an old fashioned boxing match. He can box. My son called me too and said ‘I will kick Eminem’s a**'”

“Don’t get me wrong. I am a die-hard Eminem number one fan. He’s a god and he writes legendary songs. There is noone out there that can beat him and now all of the sudden this huge song is on the radio I have to look at it as it’s a high honor. It’s a big deal.”

“I would chastise him with my tongue. He should put me in his video as Janice Dickinson along with the lyrics and I can be up there in rock and roll stadiums.”

“I’m cancer-free. I’ve been in Cosby trial. I looked in his eyes and I put him in jail. I heard that lyrics by Eminem but I am not gonna let that bring me down. You thrive, you move on to be better, you don’t say ‘oh poor me I’m a victim,’ I’m no victim, I am Janice Dickinson and Eminem, you better put me in that video.”

Boogie reacted on his Instagram by putting the interview on his story and writing “Lmaooo” over it. You can watch the full interview below:

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