PHresher: “I got a deal with Monster Energy right after Eminem made a song with me”

Remy Gelenidze

PHresher has recently set down with Sway In The Morning to promote his new single. He also talked about working with Eminem on “Chloraseptic.”

Sway: I found it so interesting when you and Eminem paired up for “Chloraseptic.” Talk to me what that was like.

PHresher: “That was a life-changing. So many things happened. I signed Monster Energy drink deal right after that. Eminem changed my life. That’s my favorite artist. Him and Jay Z share very special place in my heart and to get call from him and talk like ‘you want me on your project? you are Marshall Mathers who sold billions of records and you want me on your project?’ I could not believe it.”

“It took back back to the days when I was on a punishment and my mom bought me Marshall Mathers LP. She knew I was such an Eminem fan and she bought me MMLP. That album changed my life.”

“When I met him, he said ‘just call me Marshall.” I was trying to say how much of a fan I am but he was like “let me tell you something,” “wait a minute,” “you don’t have to.” He actually used some of my bars on another record on Revival (“Offended”), you know “Bang Bang Bang time.” That was amazing. That was life-changing and from that day I’ve always felt that I can do special things in this music industry and beyond.”

“You know what’s scary? I was not nervous. Once he told me ‘just call me Marshall’ I felt right home. So then on I was able to just say anything to him. Felt like I knew him for years. He said ‘I’m a big fan. Sometimes come hang out with me’ and I was like ‘WHAT?’ and then we performed together. We have the same level of energy but when he started to perform that was another type of energy. And I was like ‘I’m gonna steal that move from him.’ Dream come true. For real, man.”

Watch the full interview below:


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