Godfrey: “Em whooped MGK’s a**, he beat his a**, he f**ked him up, he slapped s**t out of him”

Remy Gelenidze

Godfrey spoke about Eminem and MGK’s rap battle, which he thinks was obviously won by Eminem, but he adds that MGK came hard with “Rap Devil.” Godfrey added that he doesn’t understand why MGK responded when Eminem took shots at him on Kamikaze’s “Not Alike.”:

“I head MGK’s “Rap Devil” first and I was like ‘pretty good, damn this boy hard’ but then I was like ‘man, you dealing with f**king caveman, Eminem stays in the cave of creativity. I said ‘you f**king with wrong dude’. Em was known for battle rapper then I heard “Kilshot” and…Already f**cked him up in the first seconds. In the first f**cking seconds he was done. Killed his a**. Murdered him…then I went back and listened to “Not Alike” and… MOTHF**CKA, I don’t even know why MGK responded. He beat the s**t out of him. This is how dope Eminem is. He literally rapped his own style, the went to MGK’s style and then came back and rapped his own style again. He was clowning the way he rapped. Em whooped MGK’s a** in the first one and then he went like ‘let me f**k you up again.” 

Watch the full interview below:


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