New Interview: Lord Jamar says Eminem is still loved after racist song

Remy Gelenidze

Lord Jamar has recently talked with VladTV about many things and of course his interview didn’t finish without referencing Eminem. Vlad asked Jamar why do black people still f*ck with Justin Bieber after using the N word. Here is what he responded:

“They even f*ck with Eminem, he made a song bashing black nigger b*tches and he still got black people who f*ck with him. 50 Cent f*cks with Em but I understand why you love that man, he changed your life financially the way nobody has ever done to you. This is understandable. I get it…I’m not gonna defend this motherf*cker Eminem for saying what he said but when he said it he was like 16 years old. Can we all be accountable for all the dumb sh*t we did at 16?”

Watch the interview below:

Here is the song Lord Jamar was talking about:

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