New Interview: KXNG Crooked Gives His Opinion On Eminem’s “Revival”

Remy Gelenidze

KXNG Crooked was a guest on HipHopDX Live for a second consecutive week on Thursday (December 21st, 2017) where he revealed his true feelings on Eminem’s 9th solo studio album Revival. While he admitted he was still “soaking up the album,” the Long Beach MC had already listened enough to be able to name his favorite songs (and also not so favorites).

“Right now, I am only playing the songs that I really like. I am playing ‘Untouchable’ a lot. I am getting a lot of push back on the internet from my liking ‘Untouchable.’ Everybody is like, ‘That’s just ’cause you on Shady.’ Look man, we have not dropped a record on Shady in five years. I do not got nothing to gain by … Eminem rocks with us regardless, so that is not it. I just think he really said some things in that particular song that not only needed to be heard but needed to be heard by the types of fans that he has. That right there makes that song valuable to me. Now, the first part of the beat is not my favorite. When the beat switches, I love it. Like I could loop that part and just ride to it. So, I am definitely loving ‘Untouchable.’”

“I love ‘Framed,’ ‘Framed’ sounds like the old Slim Shady. After you grow and mature in the game, it is not easy to step back and say, ‘I can still do that. Watch this.’ It is kind of like fade away Jordan taking it to the hole again. ‘Cause once he got to that phase, it was over. It was not just fade away Jordan. Every time he took it to the hole, it was like oh, he can still… You know so it is like that is how I felt about ‘Framed.’ The wording was perfect, the cadence was perfect, I liked the beat. I really think he did his thing on there.”

“I like the Phresher joint. I like it. I like the Phresher joint because I like to hear Eminem do different things. I like the rap songs. I am not a big fan now of the pop songs because, you know, I am just not. That is not where I am at personally. Right now, I am in hoodie mode. I am in grimy mode. I want to hear grime or I want to hear rap, but who is to say?”

“Albums grown on me. Songs grow on me. I am moved to different spaces in my life and I might play a song and be like, ‘Yo, this is it. This is hot. How did I miss this?’ It just depends on our moods and the spaces we are in our life when the album drops. Every album is not going to fit into the space that you are in your life. But I do like the rap songs because I like to hear Eminem rap. That is what I am here for.”

“I am telling you right now, I do not like the pop records. I mean, what do you want me to say? That it is trash? The reason I can not say it is trash is because I disagree when people overuse the word trash … It might not be to my liking and it might not be my kind of music but there is a difference between trash and ‘I don’t like this.’”

“One thing I can say about Em in the studio is he is a mad scientist. He will stay in there for nine hours on one hook. He will stay in there for ten hours on one verse. I am not talking about laying the verse. I am talking about listening to it like, ‘What can I change? What can I make better?’ … I have seen him slave over the board. Some people have said that on my Twitter like, ‘Yo, it sounds like he is copying and pasting.’ That is absolutely not happening. Not in an Eminem session.”

Listen to the full new interview below:

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