Mark Wahlberg Admits He Was Hater Cause Eminem Was Better Rapper, Reacts to Em’s “Heat”

Remy Gelenidze

Eminem’s newly released album, Revival, includes a song called “Heat.” Eminem sampled lines from Boogie Nights movie and it is Mark Wahlberg’s part in the movie where he says: “Who the f**k? It’s my big d**k. So everybody get ready right f**king now!” 

Mark Wahlberg went undercover on the Internet – creating profiles on the most popular social networks and communities – and responded to real questions and mentioned Eminem’s “Heat.”

Also, Mark admitted that Eminem is better rapper than him, for the first time in public: “Eminem’s very cool guy, very talented. Yes I did not give him credit for that very long time ago. I was hater cause he was better rapper than me. First time I am saying this in public but it is pretty obvious.”

Watch the full interview below:

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