New Interview: Buckshot Talks Working with Eminem & Almost Signing Him to Duck Down

Remy Gelenidze

Boot Camp Clik rapper Buckshot visited VladTV to talk about living with epilepsy and the effect Aaliyah’s death had on his life. Buckshot also briefly touches on how “Don’t Front” from MMLP2 with Eminem happened:

“I just got a call from Em. Actually I got a call from Dru cause Em called Dru and he told me that how much e respects the movement… And he was like, ‘yo, do you wanna link up. I need to get a verse from you and that day I left and flew to Detroit and when I got there we did it, we were rhyming, we were flowing. We turn up the studio. Then we did the pictures and after that I bounce the same night.”

Then he continued speaking about Eminem almost signing to Duck Down record label:

“Eminem and Dru are actually real close. When we first saw Em we were like ‘yo, this dude is crazy.’ I started seeing Eminem murdered dudes in battles. I started following him. He murdered this one, that one, on stage, off top of his head, it was like, Jesus! He is that crazy. So Dru and him used to be tied and he was gonna sign with Duck Down. We knew in our hearts that Dre movement was the right movement. We knew that. Was not about Duck Down trying to do or say whatever they got to say behind the closed doors and try to do everything to get Eminem on. We knew, as friends, that ‘that is right move my G, we love you, that is were you gonna blow up, Dr. Dre, Interscope, that is your level’ and I am glad Eminem went route. We in our hearts as Duck Down knew that MC that dope, no question, should be all around the world.”

“Em would have done what he would have done but it would not have been Batman and Robin as you felt when you saw Eminem and Dr. Dre. Batman and Robin in the sense of saying, you know, Em was an MC from the block, the gutter, white trash MC that people could felt like ‘yo he from the hood out there, form trailer park and he rhyme about bla bla bla, 8 Mile and he came from that level all the way up to Dr. Dre level?! And Dre was endorsing him to another level, there was no question I was happier about him choosing to take that route.”

Watch the full new interview below, talking about Eminem starts from 6:08 below:

Listen to “Don’t Front” by Eminem & Buckshot below:


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