Year In Review: Eminem In 2016 (Part 2)

Remy Gelenidze


April, 2016


★ Eminem received 3 nominations at Detroit Music Awards in the following categories: Outstanding National Single (Phenomenal) , Outstanding Video / Major Budget (Over $10,000) (Detroit VS Everybody and Phenomenal).

★ Zombie Juice called Eminem “God” on twitter:


★ Eminem asked the question to Royce on Twitter Q&A session:



★ Mike Tyson posed Eminem’s picture, saying: “Is Eminem getting ready to box or is he giving me the finger?”


★ Fred Durst said he still got mad love to Eminem:


★ Eminem’s “Curtain Call: The Hits” went 6x platinum in the UK.

★ Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” went 2x platinum in the UK.

★ 50 Cent showed love to Eminem (again):


★ Royce talked about Eminem: “When I rap with Marshall (Eminem), It’s all about technical, it’s all about being technical. Each song we do it’s like us getting together and going back and forth, doing crossword puzzles, we complete each other’s syllables. We use the patters that a lot of MCs can’t use. Even me and Crooked can do some of this kind of stuff but Joell and Joe, they don’t like doing it.” 




May, 2016


★ Big Sean referenced Eminem in a song “Buried In Detroit,” rapping: “The young Detroit legend, I swear I got the city inspired, And bought Em out, too, just to solidify it…” 


★ Lindsay Lohan wanted Eminem to come back:


★ Eminem annotated the lyrics of “Phenomena,” “Love The Way You Lie,” “Shady XV,” “Berzerk,” and “Survival”.

★ Eminem annotated the lyrics of “Stan,” “The Way I Am”, “The Real Slim Shady”, “Marshall Mathers” and “Criminal”.

June, 2016


★ YelaWolf referenced Eminem in the freestyle: “I’m f**kin country I’m David Allan Coe, Willie Nelson , who else’s in? Eminem with a bucket tin, Nah , a tin bucket with a f**kin fishin pole in a bucket swim.”


★ Porn star Lisa Ann talked about being bed with Eminem and shooting the music video of “We Made You.”

★ Eminem called in Shady 45 and wished them on their new radio shows:


★ Nick Cannon challenged Eminem in $100,000 rap battle and said he is confident he will win:


★ Kanye West named the one reason Eminem became one of the greatest: “Eminem could not say “N” word and it forced him to think of every other word possible and it made him one of the greatest rappers.”



★ Drake’s “Views” broke Sales+Stream record of Eminem’s “Recovery.”

★ Legendary Ice T shouted out Eminem on Twitter:


★ Eminem released a statement following the death of legendary Muhammad Ali:

“Muhammad Ali has been a constant source of inspiration and a heroic figure throughout my life. He’s always been there, as a symbol for fighting against the odds, the system and the hatred. It’s hard to believe he’s actually not with us anymore, but he will never be gone.”

★ Machine Gun Kelly paid homage to Eminem by performing “Cleaning Out My Closet” in Detroit:


★ Eminem’s “Berzerk” got featured in “Why Him” trailer:




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