New Interview: Kendrick Lamar Talks Getting Inspired by Eminem

Remy Gelenidze

Rick Rubin interviewed Kendrick Lamar via GQ magazine where he talked about many things, including getting inspired by Eminem:

Rick Rubin: “It’ is really interesting now, with what is going on in hip-hop. It is almost like you are a throwback to when lyrics mattered. So much of hip-hop today is about vibe and swag and personality, and less about words. And it sometimes sounds like even the MC doe not know what he is saying on a lot of today’s records. So it is interesting to hear the sort of clarity and depth that you go into lyrically.”

Kendrick Lamar: “The clarity, I got my clarity just studying Eminem when I was a kid. How I got in the studio was all just curiosity. I had a love for the music, but it was curiosity. The day I heard The Marshall Mathers LP, I was just like, How does that work? What is he doing? How is he putting his words together like that? What is the track under that? An ad-lib? What is that? And then, Why do not you go in the studio and see? So I do that. Then it became, How is his words cutting through the beat like that? What is he doing that I am not doing, now that I am into it? His time is impeccable. When he wants to fall off the beat, it is impeccable. These are things that, through experience and time, I had to learn.”

You can listen to the Kendrick’s new interview below. He talks about Eminem at 29:24

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