New Interview: Daniel Radcliffe Explains Why He Is Fascinated by Eminem’s Music

Remy Gelenidze

Today Daniel Radcliffe, for many people known as Harry Potter, has done an interview with CLIQUE where he talked about Eminem:

“What excites me about music is 99% of the time is the lyrics and I just think, you know, about Eminem particularly and I know it’s like ‘what’s the surprise, another white person saying Eminem is a favorite rapper’ but I just find him amazing. Like, when you analyse the lines in the lyrics sometimes he will fit two references to other stuff and amazing rhyming, pan, and he’s doing all in three lines. I can listen to those songs again and again and again and I’m still hearing new things. Also Eminem is one of the only people who can make me laugh. Putting jokes in it,funny or rude, or whatever it is but I just think there’s a level of skill that I can’t even relate.”

Later on Daniel was asked what is his favorite punchline from Eminem. He named the lines from “Groundhog Day”:

“There is so much going on in three lines. You’re like ‘how did you ever come up with that?!?! It’s amazing… Rap God, it’s a ridiculous song! I mean six minutes of…..He was like ‘yeah, I’m the best in this and I’m better than all of you. That’s great!” 

You can watch the full interview below. Talking about Eminem starts at 15:00


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