Royce 5’9″ Says Eminem Was Better On ‘Renegade’ Than Jay Z, Calls Dizaster & Loaded Lux Eminem ‘Spawns’

Remy Gelenidze

Royce Da 5’9″ has recently set down with Vlad TV where he talked about “Renegade,” battling Eminem and much more. You can read & watch the interview below:

VLAD: I’m convinced that Eminem has always out shined everybody on the songs and the only one that’s really in debate, I feel, is Renegade with Jay Z. If you could take out your personal relationship with Marshall, who do you think got that song?

Royce: Well, I thought Em got Jay on that. I think that’s one of those debates.. you can’t really argue that Jay’s verse is better, because they both stay true to them. What Jay did you can’t really wash him with him doing what he does. He didn’t try to do what Marshall did. He did him and he did it well. He made made a classic song. The only reason I give it to Em is, first of all, based on what I prefer to hear. I like the direction Marshall took over the direction Jay took. I wouldn’t say he out rapped him, I just like what he did to the beat, I like the flow pattern and I like hat he’s talking about. Jay had more of a lay back flow pattern. Marshall to me was attacking the beat a little bit more.

VLAD: Were you be little bit annoyed when your verse got taken off ?

Royce: No, I wasn’t annoyed because my verse wasn’t taken off. Once we didn’t use the song, it wasn’t my song anymore. It was like something that was there. it could’ve been used for anything. I had two verses, everywhere you heard Hov rap, I was rapping. So, it wouldn’t have made sense to leave me on there. So I wasn’t annoyed at all, I actually understood.

VLAD: You and Eminem ever battled each other? Just like f**king around in the studio?

Royce: Nah, that has never happened…But there was one time, I don’t even know if Marshall remembers that but when he was recording The Slim Shady LP, I was out there in LA, I spit some bars, like we were messing around, I was drinking and I spit couple of bars, bars that I built in my head like a day before and I kinda said them. Em heard it and he was like woah and he freestyled some bars and then I was just like ‘Naah let me just quit.’ Cause Em did a lot of freestyle back then, he had a lot of battles and the way he could connect the lines together on the spot like that, it was crazy.”

VLAD: A few people called out Eminem to battle, I think Loaded Lux did. If Eminem got into the battle do you think anyone could see him these days?

Royce: I don’t know man. That’s a good question. I don’t have any faith in any established rapper, especially one that has been making, has been programmed to make albums for some years in a row, I don’t have any faith. I don’t care how good he is, somebody jumping into battle rap ring because that part he has evolved so much. That s**t Lux and Dizaster do, that s**t they do is some other s**t. They’ve added so many layers, I don’t think people give them a credit they deserve . When we are talking about Diz and Lux, we talking about best of the bests. If I had faith in anybody Marshall would be one of them. These guys are like spawns of Eminem, especially Dizaster. If you listen to his technique, the way he flips the syllables, the way he’s able to connect the syllables, yo, you are Eminem’s child. When you get in there, you won’t be against Canibus.

Listen to the full interview below:


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