Archive Interview: Kendrick Lamar And J. Cole Talk About Eminem (2014)

Remy Gelenidze

In this interview from Archive Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole talk about touring with Eminem, influences and “Love Game” off The Marshall Mathers LP2: 

Interviewer: Back to the Rapture Tour, you’ve been touring in Australia, what’s it like for you guys, you’re both young and you got Eminem who has been in the game so long, what’s it like to be invited to be on the tour with him? 

J.Cole: Man, for me, I’m sure for him [Kendrick] too, but I speak for myself I’m such a huge Eminem fan. Especially from his first three albums, I was like all the way in. I’m still all the way in cause he’s still amazing…My first song, I ever made, was literally just sounding Eminem and NAS. If you go listen you will hear both influences and I feel like when you start rapping at the beginning, you really just take all your influences and you just rap like them and eventually you become who you are from others’ influences and Eminem was main ingredient and to be on the tour year later, they invite us, it was crazy feeling, it’s a huge honor. 

Interviewer: For you Kendrick, it would be more than honor to be on The Marshall Mathers LP2 album, my favorite song is “Love Game”, that is such a sick song, did you guys record part of a track ‘here’ and part of a track ‘here’ or did you both come to studio together to record? 

Kendrick Lamar: Actually I was in the Detroit. I had a show and he brought me to the studio and he told me to do a hook so I go in, do the hook, and he is like ‘I like the hook’, I was like ‘Cool’ and then he was like ‘you do a verse?’ I was like ‘hell yeah I can do a verse, what you talking about I can do a verse?!’ [laughs]. Em was crazy! He kicks everybody out of the studio, he gave me space but I took it, kicking everybody out, as to see if that’s really you writing raps. He works like that. 

J.Cole: Once when I was with Dre. Em was working on his s**t but he secluded! Like nobody’s around! He’s in the back like he got the room to himself. 

Kendrick Lamar: Even when I said I’m done, it took me 45 minutes, I’m in a booth and he’s walking in and he knew I was done with the verse, he runs out like ‘I don’t wanna heat it now’ 

J.Cole: He is a purest man, real rap purest, it’s like a respect not to looking at your notebook. When I was young it was like don’t let the ni**a look inside your notebook, it’s like certain rules. 

Kendrick Lamar: It was like a test for me, crazy crazy test. And to be on MMLP2 is definitely honor cause that’s somebody I always look up to as, not only a lyricist, but as a genius musically.

Listen to the interview below:



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