Royce Da 5’9″ Talks Bad Meets Evil, PRhyme, How Slaughterhouse Was Created & More

Remy Gelenidze

Few hours ago Royce 5’9″ did live question and answer on YouTube. You can read some highlights from the live interview and watch it below: 

Q: We need another Bad Meets Evil album and what’s up with Slaughterhouse album?

Royce: I 100% agree with you about Bad Meets Evil album… When we first did the very first s**t back in ’98, we were just around each other and was nothing going on those couple of days we just recorded some s**t because we wanted to stay sharp and we ended coming up with something that we felt was cool. Which is exactly what what happened when we did Bad Meets Evil EP a few years back. I went to Eminem with a couple of songs that I had for my solo s**t, I asked him to get on some s**t and we ended up with 6-7 songs. That’s what happened you can’t let MCs sit around, that’s the same thing happened with Slaughterhouse, the last mixtape, we were just sitting, we were happened to be in New York, we went to the studio for 3-4 days and just put them out. It’s really cool to be progressive that way so now in terms of Slaughterhouse album we pretty much done with it creatively. Everybody did their part, now it’s all up to business people. Now we gotta figure out when it’s best time to release and all that kind of stuff. This happens when you signed to a major label. Unfortunately it’s hard to just pull the trigger and your s**t just moves like that so be patient, Slaughterhouse album is definitely coming. If I had to guess I would say sometime in Spring. That’s probably not the answer you all wanted to hear because you wanted me to say it’s coming out tomorrow but it is what it is man. 

Q: What do you think the situation of the current rap?

Royce: I think current rap is really cool. I think there’s a lot of wack s**t out. But I don’t think there has ever been a time in music, in hiphop , where it hasn’t been wack s**t…There’s the time and place for everything. I think it can exist in night clubs or wherever the f**k people listening to that but I think there’s a lot of good music out there. I think Kendrick‘s album is great, I think everything Cole‘s doing is great. I think between Kendrick, Cole, Drake, Big Sean, Wale, I think they are providing people with great music. 

Q: Do you and Em have more professional relationship or do you actually chill like as friends?

Royce: Hahaha, that’s wired question. Eminem‘s my friend. We are friends. We chill as friends. But we normally talk about hip hop things and some sport things but… all we talk about is hip hop, that’s all we really care about. We are very aware of what’s happening in hip hop now and we’d like to discuss those things with each other, as friends, though, not as associates, if that makes sense. 

Q: Who’s your favorite battle rapper?

Royce: My favorite battle rapper right now is Tay Roc. Because he’s mean. I like angry rappers. I like angry-lyrical rappers. Tay Roc raps like he wants to punch in your face but he does it very very lyrical way…Also Danny Myers, he is one of my favorites. I wonder how these guys continue to come up with this high quality, engry, cerebral bars. It’s amazing. Charlie Clips is gonna always be one of my favorites because he has the humor, he has humored bars so I’m highly entertained when I hear him rap. It would be kind of hard to be in battle with Clips. It would be unanimous because he can always come up with the things that will make people laugh. I like Daylyt a lot too. He is very very very lyrical. Incredible lyrical MC. 

Q: Who’s your favorite NBA player in general?

Royce: It’s between Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. Kevin is an alien. I don’t understand somebody his height can move around like that. 

Q: First hiphop album you bought?

Royce: Damn, I don’t even remember. It was probably…was it Ice T‘s album?! I remember having Fat Boy on the vinyl. We had Run DMC‘s “Raising Hell”. We had Ice T’s “Power”. We had Public Enemy

Q: What you looking forward to do this year?

Royce: I’m definitely looking forward to put out a couple of albums, couple of my album. I’m looking for Slaughterhouse album. I’m looking forward to do in future Bad Meets Evil work. I’m definitely looking forward to do work with PRhyme. I got a lot of great music, in my opinion. I have solo work as well. So I think 2016 will be big year for me in terms of releasing things. 

Q: Tell us how the Slaughterhouse band was created…

Royce: Joey called me. Out of the blue. Now me and Joe, we had some issues. He said some things about me in one of his songs. I don’t remember what but whatever he said pissed me off. Piss me off really bad, I wanted to really do something to him because I wasn’t used to people saying my name out of nowhere. By that time I started working on Bar Exams and I was always saying his name and stuff and it was like one of those kinds of situations where he was either gonna respond to what I had to say or [Video defect] because there was online few people that were making the noise: Myself, Crooked, of course Joell, Jo and there was some other people but I’m gonna name just us because it’s leading to what I’m on. What Joe did was, my man Mecca form the Source had idea to put all of us on the same song together. I think he emailed to Joe with the idea. Then Joe called me, I’m actually at the hospital, my wife was giving the birth to one of my kids, I get the call from Kino saying ‘Yo Joe Budden want to get on the phone with you.’ I was like: ‘What the f**k he want to get on phone with me for?” I was like: ‘No, I don’t wanna f**king talk to him, man, f**k him’ but I get on the phone with him. That ni**a was really cool and I was like maybe I’m just tripping, maybe I’ve gone too far and we ended up doing a song. Plus I’ve always been a fan. I always thought he was super dope. He said ‘I need you immediately’ so I left the hospital and went to the studio, I laid the s**t down I sent to him, I came back and he put it out. He called me back and said ‘we need to do more.’ I was like ‘Yo, you absolutely right.’ So we started meeting in New York. We spent a lot of weekends, recording joints and then he turned out to be one of my closest friends. We just kept doing meetings. I started seeing Joell. Crooked, I started to get to know him better and we just started doing more stuff together and a group kinda formed from that. 

Q: What do you think about Rakim, NAS and Big L?

Royce: I think they are great, great, great and great. All of these guys changed my life in terms of being an artist. I just wish I had the chance to meet Big L. I got into the game just a tad bit late, just missed him before his untimely death. I definitely think those guys are juggernauts in the game and I think Big L was on his way of greatness. When he was alive, in my opinion, he was better than Jay Z, back then, to me, that’s just my personal opinion. I feel like Jay Z is one of the greatest artists ever and I think Big L was better than him back then. 

Q: Who was your favorite artists growing up?

Royce: Redman, Ras Kass, Jay Z, NAS, E-40, Snoop Dogg, Outkast not just Andre 3000, I like Big Boi too. I don’t know why people separate them so much but they both f**king great in my book. I know somebody I’m forgetting, Canibus ! He’s definitely one of my favorite artists…The Chronic album in my book is probably the greatest hiphop album ever made. That’s just my opinion…Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Run DMC, LL Cool J. LL Cool J probably trumps everybody cause I used to learn LL’s choreography from his videos, like “I’m Bad” video. 

Watch the full video below: 



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