Benzino Talks Slaughterhouse And Eminem

Remy Gelenidze

In 2000, Eminem released a masterpiece, The Marshall Mathers LP. The head of the The Source magazine, Benzino gave 2 stars out of 5 to the album and the beef between angry blonde and Benzino had officially started. Em dropped a couple of diss songs including The Sauce and Nail In The Coffin. Since then Benzino’s career went downhill.

Recently Benzino has set down with VLADTV where he states: “How come not even 85 percent of Eminem’s fans buy Crooked I’s music, that’s the part I don’t understand… Eminem has millions of fans and why is that the very small fraction of them buys him and their [Slaughterhouse] music. I don’t get it. Yelawolf just put out the CD and first week sold 50,000…”

“Eminem still can come out and sell millions of units, how come those same fans won’t support Crooked or Slaughterhouse. [Yelawolf did good] because Eminem and Yelawolf have something in common (hints skin color)

Listen to the full interview below: 


Southpawer’s response: First of all, Slaughterhouse’s Welcome To: Our House is the first and yet only album that is released under Shady Records. It sold close to 53,000 copies in the first week in US and debuted at #1 on Billboard Rap/HipHop charts and peaked #2 on Billboard 200 when Yelawolf’s first release under Shady Records, Radioactive sold 41,000 copies in the first week and Love Story did 60,000.

Plus, Slaughterhouse new album Glass House is set to be released this year and lets wait for the numbers.

Secondly, listening to the song is a matter of taste. If someone doesn’t like Slaughterhouse, that’s not Eminem’s fault and the skin color has nothing to do with it. 

Good thing is, Benzino apologized to Eminem few years ago:


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