Funk Legend George Clinton Praises Eminem

Remy Gelenidze

The mastermind of the bands Parliament and Funkadelic and the principal architect of P-Funk, George Clinton named Rakim as the the best rapper of all time and also went to praise Eminem at RBMA Festival Lecture in New York.

“When it comes to Hip Hop, Rakim that’s the one, he is that motherf*cker but there has been a lot of other ones, the other matherf*cker is Eminem. I watched him as a baby and believe me you don’t want him to talk about you…Every time I hear someone of that intensity of talent I feel like I wanna start all over again like I ain’t done sh*t, when you hear that is like, wow… I gave a listen to Eminem cause he don’t never stop…”

Watch George Clinton’s lecture (Eminem Part) below: 

Watch the full lecture below:

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